What Readers Say

‘This story was sooo engaging I couldn’t put it down! What a world she has created!!  There is much wisdom and beauty in this story. Beautifully constructed with great eye for character…even the nasty psychopathic bad guy!

Couldn’t put it down. Loved the mind meld stuff. Sex was tastefully done.

Loved the wolves and how the hero is raise by them. It is an adventure, with romance and mystery as well as spiritual and philosophical aspects.

Mind-touch is a totally unique idea. This is a riveting, futuristic tale. I initially thought it was a book for women (my wife read it first) but she recommended it to me and I loved it.

A pleasure to read. Compelling and captivating. A great love story.

In a word I think it’s brilliant. It’s new, different, well balanced between telling a good story and getting moribund in language that is too heavy.

Read all night long – it’s a book about relationships! Loved it so much I gave it to my 17 year old son to read. So new and different to everything I have ever read. Wonderful.

Absolutely LOVED IT. I love Robert Jordan and even though it is set in the future. It is a SF Fantasy about real people.

The pace is excellent. Engaged me emotionally. I could identify with the characters.