United Worlds Glossary

ABSUM: Name of the planet that all genetic creations (impure humans) were banished to. This after gene splicing between species was outlawed.

AGE OF EXPANSION: The Age of Expansion, also called the Age of Exodus, is generally considered to have begun directly after the discovery of Omni space in 2060 and to have reached its peak in 2200 when 59 habitable worlds had been discovered and colonized. The exodus is considered to be a result of a number of factors including: the availability of inexpensive, easily accessible food and energy; an increase in viable human lifespan to the age of 150; the use of artificial intelligence, robotics and neural Icom; and the fact that Earth population had reached 13 billion. The Earth Government gave colonists free travel, housing, financial and tax incentives to colonies. Vast wealth was created by those early settlers. Settlement and travel between other planets became effortless and common.

AGE OF PERDITION: The Age of Perdition, also called the 100 year war lasted from 2220 to 2320. The population of human kind was estimated to be 15 billion in 2260; by the war end human population was less than 8 billion. During that time 9 habitable worlds were rendered virtually uninhabitable through atomics, including Earth.’

CHINTERS CHANCE:  Name of the biography of William Chinter, a United Worlds best seller. William Chinter, a fourteen year old boy was kidnapped, and sold into an Indentureship. A manuscript full of unflagging conviction and optimism, William Chinter had never given up returning to his family. He had escaped twenty-two times, his punishments after escape becoming more and more severe. The child detailed a recurring dream, a certainty that he would be with his parents again: that they would find him if he only escaped. It was a self fulfilling prophesy, as they did find his body hours after his last escape. ‘Chinters’ is a common galactic expression meaning, ‘you’re dreaming.’ Also, ‘Chinter’s Chance’ a common expression meaning, ‘there is no chance at all.’

CIRANI:  United Freeworld Government Prison Planet. A compact world; one and a fifth times normal gravity.  Normal ratio of oxygen to nitrogen, but low air pressure resulting in not enough molecules of both oxygen and nitrogen per given volume. Most exiled to Cirani at first experience serious, often fatal altitude sickness. By law prisoners are sterilized before internment.

DARK SANKOMIN: All souls suffer the Dark Sankomin. If one is in the present, if the mind remains in attendance, the Sankomin cannot seize or bind. The Sankomin is a combination of all that has been, and all that can be. It is not evil in itself: it merely is. Time is like a river, and the mind is the water. When the water flows, all is well and sequential, in chronological order. However these past events, encompassing all the conscious feelings, thought, pain and emotion within them, can then be draw down upon one, in a mass they fall upon one; they attach to one’s soul like metal filings drawn to a magnet, at times presenting as burdened river eddies, they dam the river and the mind becomes bound. It will not flow. The Dark Sankomin is solid; a heavy mass in the mind; a dark burden to the soul. Unresolved, it will cause madness and despair.

DELIAN: One of the first worlds colonized during the Age of Expansion. A closely guarded secret, the people of Delian have the unique ability to mind-touch. Since early colonization, the Delian peoples of every region, province, state or place, measured it depraved to view another’s thoughts, unless with one’s partner or in unusual but specific incidences of training or special need; in such cases agreement must be first sought verbally.  Mind-touch has always been a healing tool: one that can relieve the Dark Sankomin, or in more remarkable instances, for respite from the Light Sankomin. To be in another Delian’s mind and body without agreement was ruled illegal from before the beginning of recorded history – proof of which resulted in severe penalties, including in many early cases mob killings or lawfully mandated death. To violate another’s privacy, the sanctum of body and mind is considered repulsive, sordid and malevolent. It is never done.

DELIAN LEAGUE: founded in 477 BC, was an association of 173 Greek city-states under the leadership of Athens, whose purpose was to continue fighting the Persian Empire

DELIAN DAMITHIST:  A rare crystalline mineral found only on Delian. A major off-world export of Delian, unique, rare, and priceless. Only Royal lines, or the extraordinarily wealthy could enjoy the privilege of owning such a jewel, and none sold are ever larger than a fingernail.

DEVICE: The Age of Perdition forever altered the relationship between government and populous. Returning to those dark times must be prevented at all costs. The UWG made an example of the civil war on Cadell, using “The Device.” Invented during the Age of Expansion, the device targeted and atomized living tissue, leaving structures untouched. Footage of the instant disintegration of over 20,000 people over a 50 kilometer radius during the Cadell civil war is still a useful deterrent.  The UWG had sent in mediators to no avail. They had warned and threatened. The UWG did not take sides. They killed people who were fighting – both sides, instantly, and the war was over. If the war had been resurrected, the UWG would have used the device again. War was not profitable; it did not contribute to the expansion or future of mankind. Murder was under the jurisdiction of local governments: mass killings were prohibited by the force of the UWG.

DIAGNOSIS BY ASSOCIATION: There is a long held empirical truth derived from the earliest psychological studies on Earth, and that is diagnosis by association. Depressives associate with depressives; criminals associate with criminals; psychotics enjoy the company of, and can relate to other psychotics. If you want to know who someone really is, simply observe who they are with.

FORSAKEN WORLDS: Profane term referring to the Age of Perdition where many worlds were abandoned or lost through atomics.

FERALS Fringe Dwellers or ‘Fringers;’ a name given to groups of people who camp on the outskirts of towns and cities from which they have become excluded, often through illegal activities or even personal choice. Generally fringe dwellers do not have Icom, are suspicious of the government, are opposed to modern ways and technology, lack education and are superstitious. There are fringe dwellers on every Freeworld.

FULLSUIT: Body enclosing garment that protects against the heat and cold of space. Also recycles oxygen.

FREEWORLD: Any of the united worlds colonized by the U.W.G.

FREEWORLD’S POLICE: The Freeworld’s Police are empowered to enforce UWG law, protect property and reduce civil disorder in both domestic and intergalactic arenas. They are a multi-mission service; preventing piracy, ensuring regulated, authorized travel between worlds, protecting trade and at times operating in assistance with planetary governments for civil control. Their powers include the legitimized use of force.

HARDICORIBI: unique aerobic microorganism in the atmosphere of Opan. Harmless to plants and animals, its chemical properties have an unusual all-pervading effect.  Hardicoribi is inert during low temperatures; its inactive composition creating the red sky and red snow in the cold winter months. In warmer weather however, the sky becomes green, reflecting active chlorophyll, again unique to hardicoribi.   Creates unusual coloring to flora and fauna: the twill bird is a vivid orange, and the wolves were bright red.  Trees and plants, instead of green, were violet, purple or blue.

HIGH COMMAND:  The ruling body of the United Worlds Government referred to as ‘High Command.’ Each member of High Command is referred to as ‘High Lord’ and has a single area of responsibility. One for each of 12 different arms:

1. Finance and taxes

2. Enforcement: Galactic Police, Army and Navy. Includes Cirani prison management

3. Scientific discovery and expansion.

4. Constitution and Law.

5.  Icom facilitation

6.  Space exploration and expansion

7.  Communications

8.  Civil Liberties

9.  Education

10. Medical Research and Discovery.

11. Government information issue and promotion.

12. Colonization.

ICOM: Acronym for ‘Interface Communications Online Management.’ Thanks to the remarkable cortical plasticity of the brain, signals from the implanted Icom interface can be handled by the brain through natural sensor or effector channels. Full access is managed by brain waves, resulting in the ability to mentally read and create electronic text, watch 3D, listen to music, and communicate to others who have implanted Icom systems. The Icom network is hosted uniquely to each world. The distance between worlds is too great for direct access. Thus the UWG regularly provides information updates to each planetary Icom through info ships. Research on brain computer interface (BCI) began in the 1970s on Earth at the University of California Los Angeles. By 2070, the BCI had culminated with the creation of Icom.

INDENTURESHIP: An Indentureship was almost another word for slavery.  Those who had no home or position and were unable to maintain themselves were forced into Indentureship for a period of years preferably with a Freeworld government or, in the worst case, a commercial enterprise.  After Indentureship they may have learned some trade and they would again be free citizens.  Indentureships were policed, but one could never look into all of them, and certainly many people, a large portion of them children, would never survive to obtain freedom.

INTERPRETATIONS:  Simple styled text, written to explain the original works of the Delian Testimonials of Truth.

JANA: Goddess representing all the best characteristics found in mankind: truth, goodness, kindness, intelligence, courage, tolerance, endurance, persistence, compassion, forgiving heart, humor and thoughtfulness. The Parables of Jana are given as a way to behave in the truth and light of Jana.

KING’S MIRROR: also called the ‘King’s Guard or  ‘Jenkin’s Right Arm.’ Almost two centuries old, a flat oval stone, the Delian Damithst is a little larger than an adult eye. Placed into a silver self-fitting arm guard, with smaller crystals set around it, it gives the appearance of a continuous ring of blue stone. Believed to contain the magic of the ancients. Able to see into a person’s heart, reflecting only truth.

LIGHT SANCUMMIN:  The Light Sankomin creates a God like feeling of invulnerable certainty and awareness. If one can remain in the present, if the mind remains in attendance, in the now, the Light Sankomin, like the Dark Sankomin, cannot seize or bind. The Sankomin is a combination of all that has been, and all that can be. It is not evil in itself – it merely is. Time is like a river, and the mind is the water. When the water is flowing, all is well and sequential, in chronological order. However, sometimes events of the present can closely match incidents of the past or even events that will occur in the future. These past or future events, encompassing all the conscious feeling, thought, emotion within them, can then draw down upon one, in a mass they fall upon one; they attach to one’s soul like metal filings drawn to a magnet, they dam the river and the mind becomes bound. It will not flow. Both the Light and the Dark Sankomin, unresolved, will cause madness and despair.

MINDTAP: Truth drug. Banned by the UWG except in extraordinary cases of Treason.

MIND-TOUCH:  An ability that the Trueborn of Delian have giving them the power to contact a mind; to be inside them, with them, – to in fact be them. Traditionally mind-touch is only attempted with one’s partner. There is good reason for one to be careful: accidental two-way contact can result in consummation. One way contact with a non-Delian is always safe; they are mentally blind. If there is any physical attraction in a two way contact, however, the chain reaction will commence. Soul-to-soul release; mind-to mind-release; flesh-to-flesh release. Mind-touch with one’s lover is the ultimate consummation. Only mutual orgasm will conclude such a mental joining. See Trueborn and Delian.

OFF-WORLDERS:  Common galactic name for anyone who is not native to the planet.

OMNI  COORIDOR: There are specific corridors, or entryways to Omni. It takes time to set up these calculations while moving in normal space. In some part of the universe Omni corridors are few and far between; in some areas hundreds of corridors are bunched close together. Corridors once located, are marked by the UWG. There is ongoing exploration to find corridors further and further away from known space.

OMNI DRIVE: Invented in 2070 after the discovery of Omni space by Brent Jenkins. Creates the necessary harmonic for entry into an Omni space corridor.

OMNI SPACE: Omni – Latin meaning in all ways in all places. Omni space is how people are able to travel to other worlds in virtually no time at all. There are specific corridors, or entryways to Omni. It takes time to set up these calculations while moving in normal space, and entry can be effected via omni corridors. In some part of the universe omni corroders are few and far between; in some areas hundreds of corridors are bunched close together. Nothing can be seen or sensed in Omni space, no ship can be tracked. Probes show a dirty fog of nothing.

PROBE:  Nerve oscillation probe. Outlawed device that, as long as it is used for a hour or less, leaves no lasting injury. It is used for torture.

RED WOLF OF OPAN: The Red Wolf of Opan is a very social animal who mates for life. In winter they live in packs of 2-15. The strongest male is pack leader. Only one pup is born bi-annually, usually in summer. Opan wolves feed primarily on large mammals by chasing down their victims either slashing tendons or driving them back to waiting pack members. The Opan wolf kills only to survive. The wolf’s only important predator is man.

ALLIANCE: Individuals who disagree with the UWG and are attempting to bring the Galactic Government down or at least produce major change.

SPEEDER: Also known as land speeder, capable of flight, and higher speeds when close to land. Powered by anti-gravity drive.

SHUTTLE:  Versatile space transportation craft capable of moving between planetary atmosphere and planetary orbit, as well as very rapid, safe on world movement.

SISTERS OF JANA:  The temple of Jana is an order that looks to Jana for guidance. Order uses the parables of Jana and the parables of Taro as a way to live their life.

SOFTWARE THEORY: Software theory gives a unique perspective in social science, with implied both micro and macro approaches. Classical Sociological questions which emphasise social, religious and political ideologies inherent in traditional schools of thought seem to lose meaning when placed into the broader terms of: what is a human and how does a human differ from a computer program? Software Theory can be summed up in this way: all people are programmed, and thus act only according to their programming. They are not really there at all: only various automatic programs are. Theorists project this most basic premise: there are few actual self-aware, conscious people. Infrequently in this universe does one actual person interact with another actual person.

TARO THE DECEIVER: Fallen God representing all the worst of human characteristics, pride, abuse of power, abuse of control, manipulation, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, cruelty. The Parables of Taro are given as a way to live in the way of deceit and the shadow of Taro.

TESTIMONIALS OF TRUTH:  ‘Delian Testimonials.’ The document is over three hundred years old, written in an older style and rhythm. Its companion document is the Interpretations which are full of modern history and legends.  The Testimonials is a small work that provides the knowledge needed to control and master the power of mind-touch. Every Delian, once of age, began to study the Testimonials; through encoded Icom use. It was only after study and training that one can become Trueborn.

TEMPLES OF JANA:  ‘Temples of Jana (the Goddess of Truth):  Large, influential spiritual organization with teaching traditions concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life. Temple graduates are sought after throughout the Freeworlds. A broadminded education is pursued with all philosophies respected as academic differences in pursuit of the same truth. Fundamental beliefs include: 1. Humankind is inherently good. 2. Within each human body is a spiritual being (soul) that cannot die. 3. The soul of each person inhabits the body they are within in order to make choices and learn from such choices. 4. Humankind is tempted by the Deceiver and encouraged by the Goddess.  5. That the Parables of both Taro and Jana should be studied in order to assist an individual to make a choice concerning their own conduct. The Temple embraces individual beliefs with few devotional and ritual observances. They have a liberal moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. There are Temples of Jana on every Freeworld.

TRUEBORN: Delian term signifying the coming of age, which usually occurs around the 16th year. When one is Trueborn, they have the ability to learn how to mind-touch.

TWILL: the native Twill; a large, dim-witted, prolific flightless bird of Opan. Common Opan sayings include, “You silly twill!’ or you ‘breed like a twill.’

UWG  FLEET: Each UWG Fleet is assigned to particular sections of space. A fleet is normally commanded by an Admiral, who is often also a commander in chief. Each Fleet is divided into several squadrons, each under a subordinate admiral. The squadrons are typically composed of the same class of warship, such as battleships or cruisers. The mission of the Fleet is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready forces capable of winning wars, stopping aggression and maintaining the freedom of the United Freeworlds.

U.W.G. COUNCIL:  These are a group of 5 individuals under each section of H.C; making a total of 60 individuals. These council members meet concerning their sections, make suggestions, review petitions, etc. For example, if there is a disagreement from one world, say Delian, concerning taxes, a submission would be sent to the council members that are under the Finance area of HC.

U.W.G. An acronym for United Freeworld Government. The Galactic body that oversees each United Freeworld. Does not have a single ruling individual, but is run by a legislative body of 12 members; referred to as High Lords.