Good News

I love good news. I think it is out there but it just gets crowded out by bad news sometimes. Not long ago a pensioner in Melbourne, Australia got out $10,000. It was pretty well all the money he had. He put in a white envelope, and sometime after he left the bank, he accidently dropped it.

Well, the $10,000 was picked up by a 22 year old. The young man found it, and seeing there was no name on the envelope he brought it to the police. He gave the details of where and how he found the money and left it at the police station.

The pensioner reported the money lost, and was amazed to get it back. Somehow this information got to a newspaper reporter, and the reported interviewed the young man concerned.

Reporter:        “So you found a white envelope with $10,000 in it, but no details of who owned the money.”

Young man:  “That’s right.”

Reported:       “So you took it to the police?”

Young man:  “That’s right.”

Reporter:        “Didn’t you think about keeping it yourself?”

Young man:  With an astonished expression the young man said, “It never occurred to me! It wasn’t my money!”

It is stories like this that make me think, you know what? Things are not that bad. Not when there are still people like this growing up in our world.