Why I Self Published

Luke:         “I don’t believe it!”

Yoda:        “And that is why you fail.”

Readers throughout the world can discover new talent through ebooks. Self-published authors are often completely different from authors that have been edited by editors and publishers.

What I like about ebook publishing it is that ANYONE can publish ANYTHING and they don’t have to have approval from publishing “gatekeepers.” Other than vanity publishing, publishers once were to the final authority dictating who could and couldn’t write. Now everyone can write a book. And let the reader decide.

For example I recently read one ebook where the heroine was painfully shy and small and the hero was ugly, couldn’t hold a job, and was an idiot, but  extremely loyal. What traditional publisher would have approved that? None I can tell you. But I enjoyed the story because it was one of a kind. This freedom to write whatever one wants allows unique and interesting styles I think.

Who knows where it will all lead?

I once had an agent that loved “Wolf Dawn.” She promoted it to various publishers, but she wasn’t successful in her submissions. I suspect my book doesn’t fit a publisher’s formula of what makes a best seller.

To be fair, I think my book is a little odd. Okay, let’s be honest here. It is very odd! I have a number of cross genres in it: Speculative, Adventure, Coming of Age, Heroic Fantasy, Dark Romance and Science Fiction. What I write doesn’t seem to fit into a specific box, yet “Wolf Dawn,’ is exactly the kind of book I like to read. Self-publishing on the internet was the way to go.

Ebooks made it so I can sell Wolf Dawn inexpensively, less than a cup of coffee to buy.

I was told to write in a certain way to get approval from a publisher. Adverbs were out. That is to say, “He stepped forward gracefully and took her hand…” “Gracefully” would be frowned on by a publisher. Why? I don’t know. I like adverbs.

I was told to keep a book to 100,000 words or no publisher would publish it. “Wolf Dawn” is about 125,000 words. With e-publishing I was free to write exactly what I wanted, without constraint. Believe me, after trying to meet publishing expectations, this lack of restraint really made my day.

I now have readers and fans. How neat is that? I love reader’s comments. Many people love my little wolf story. Readers have also been giving me ideas on further books. For fun I have put some fan’s names as characters in my books. It is a little thank you and fun for them and me.

In the end I made the decision that I didn’t really need a publisher’s magic wand of approval to feel validated as an author. I just needed to get my book out there.

In the final analysis it doesn’t matter how “Wolf Dawn” was published. It only matters that the story is where people can read it.

So far people seem to like “Wolf Dawn.” Some even love it.

It’s a big jump to make, self-publishing, but it felt good to just go ahead and do it. No regrets so far….