Concerning Drug Use In Society

I am a Registered nurse and I love drugs! I think they are a wonderful thing. There is no question they save lives. If I broke my a bone or went for surgery I would use morphine without guilt. There is a time and place for drugs.

Like all good things, drugs can be misused through overprescrition, addiction, etc. However, with this little blog I wouldlike to discuss illegal drug use. My sister died of a heroin overdose. She was an intelligent, beautiful woman. How could this happen?

In 1958  (Fifty- four years ago!) Dr Bowman of the American Psychopathological Association said:

“For the past forty years we have been trying the mainly punitive approach; we have increased penalties, we have hounded the drug addict, and we have brought out the idea that any person who takes drugs is a most dangerous criminal and a menace to society. Our whole dealing with the problem of drug addiction has been a sorry mess. The opinions of the most competent medical authorities have been disregarded. A law, which was initially pushed forward as a revenue law, has been extended so that we have non-medical persons telling doctors how to practice medicine and interfering with the legitimate and humanitarian care of sick persons. Attempts to set up clinics for treatment of addicts have been suppressed and the way it has been done is no credit to democracy.”

Nothing has changed over the last 50 years. The drug problems that society has today needs to be met with logic, and rationality. Choices should be evidence-based rather than belief-based upon a moralistic approach.

A ton of money is spent on illicit drugs. About 80% of money toward drugs is spent toward law enforcement with about 5% for drug treatment and 10% for prevention and research. There is no question concerning the domination of cost spent toward law enforcement compared to prevention and treatment.

Solution? I think all drugs should be made legal and be supplied by the government. Think of the taxes! That way no one would die from badly manufactured drugs, which as a nurse, I have seen happen time and time again in our emergency departments. This would completely ruin the black market for drugs. The criminals who are currently making millions would have to get real jobs.

It has been proven that prohibition does not work. If drugs were legal no policeman would have to lose their lives from a “drug bust.” Kids probably wouldn’t want to buy them as they would be allowed. Current addicts would not have to rob or prostitute themselves for their $1000 dollar a day drug habit. Crime would go down.

If I use 2ml in a 10ml vial of morphine in the Recovery Unit I throw the rest away. Do you know why? Because morphine and heroin are amazingly cheap to produce. It is the drug bosses who put the price up and make 100% profit.

Well. It is just a thought. I am curious what you think of this radical idea.

I just thought I would put it out there.