Watch the Wolf Revenge Trailer


The man killed his family and was responsible for the genocide of his people. Ashton Chayton wants revenge! And he has unique, superhuman powers to help him get it. Not to mention more wealth and power than governments or kings.

But is his target the real villain? Or a hero mistakenly accused?

Will Ash kill the wrong man? Will Lindha, the love of Ash’s young life, become a victim of the sadistic genius Admiral Neopol while Ash is away on his mission of vengeance? Can Ash save a world fallen victim to a vicious plague? Ultimately, can he even save himself?

The answer to those questions lies somewhere in the vast spaces between planets. And the Red Wolves of Opan may deliver the final verdict.

Wolf Revenge is the sequel to Wolf Dawn. Enjoy the continuing nail-biting adventure of love, spaceship chases, plagues, alien planets, mind control and the wonderful Red Wolves of Opan.